What Former Clients Have to Say

“Matthew Brissenden, Esq. achieved excellent results by winning my case at the Court of Appeals. Attorney Brissenden methodically reviewed my original trial case which I had lost to find errors. Attorney Brissenden made compelling arguments to the Court of Appeals and the conviction was overturned because it was not supported by the weight of the evidence. As a fellow attorney I thought my chances were slim for reversal but Matthew Brissenden came through for me.” --Christopher Pape 

“Matt is a tremendously compassionate and understanding attorney. His penetrating intellect was able to diffuse the case against me while several co-defendants who were confronted with the same fact scenario weakened at the threats and bluster of the OAG. Matt was able to apply his knowledge of the law to an incredibly complicated fact scenario that was made even more difficult by the testimony of multiple defendants who essentially wound up furthering the interests of the prosecutor. He protected my rights and interests from day one in a very prolonged litigation and I am very grateful to have had him as my defense counsel.” --T.G.

"Matthew Brissenden is by far one of the best lawyers I have seen, he is so persistent and attentive. I was able to call him at any time of day and he would instantly get back to me. I live in Florida and never met him but felt like he lived down the street, that is how attentive he is. My husband had a tough case with four convictions including a felony that needed to be vacated for immigration purposes. Matthew handled the case properly and quick. He got the charges vacated in a little over a month. Matthew was like an angel for my family and I. Now my husband will be able to stay in this country. I thank God for Matthew Brissenden, to me he is the best lawyer alive." --Rodina Eugene

"Matthew Brissenden is an exceptional attorney. I was looking at a very severe sentence of over ten years in federal prison. He worked diligently to make sure I would not be incarcerated. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions during this lengthy process. In the end, his professionalism and strategy paid off. I can not thank him enough and would recommend him to anyone in need of a great attorney." --Jonathan, Avvo review 

"Matthew contributed to my fathers release. My father was sentenced to life and once Matthew got his hands on the case, it contributed a great deal to the "time served" sentence my father received....after 22 years incarceration. Matthew kept myself and family informed, asked for our assistance when needed, When I would email him with questions...even after my father received his sentence he answered. No matter what day of time it was or day of the week. Matthew is a great asset to the team @ Old Country Road!!!" --Kathleen, Avvo review 

"Matthew Brissenden has gone above and beyond any and all of my expectations as an attorney and as a human being. He is a gifted attorney and an exceptional person. I was ordered to report to prison at the time I met Matthew. After reviewing my case documents he challenged the court's ruling and appealed. We won the motion and as a result I have been allowed to be free pending the outcome of my appeal. He is an extraordinary lawyer. I thank God for Matthew Brissenden every day" --Lawyers.com review